Friday, June 24, 2011


It went like this........ 

Well done team Attica!

Fabulous food - seasonally focused menu, ingredient integrity, technically masterful, clever flavour harmonies, textural variety, visually stimulating and just a bit playful

Excellent service - especially knowledgeable, calmly proficient and unpretentious (I enjoyed swapping stories about aunties and tongue!)

Shinning stars:
  • 'A simple dish of potato cooked in the earth it was grown' - just because I'd heard/read so much about it.
  • 'Raw Chestnuts, salt baked Celeriac, Pyengana' - because WOW and I adore Pyengana cheddar.
  • 'Beef Tongue, Vanilla, Myrtus, Lettuce stems' - mmmmm tongue.
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  1. Hi Rumbaba,

    What a beautiful blog!

    I had a meal booked at Attica in August, but it has been cancelled :( But maybe your post will inspire me to book another time. The food looks delicious.


  2. Elisa
    I definitely believe you should reschedule your booking at Attica. Some of the dishes from the vegetarian menu were better than my animal choices - the leek dish was absolutely beautiful!

    and thanks for the "props".

    Cheers Rumbaba